Your Health Is Our #1 Goal

This website exists because we want you to be in the best health possible.  We want to share with you some very simple things that we can do to live the most abundant life possible.

We are a group of people in the Lapeer community who are passionate about health – our health, your health, and everyone’s health.

We strive to provide the following:

  • Evidence-based information
  • Practical advice
  • Engaging content

Our mission is to help people fall in love
with a
healthy lifestyle!

We offer comprehensive
programs and services to
meet your needs and help you
maintain a healthy lifestyle.


We're here when you need us — for
every care in the world.

We love questions and feedback and
we are always happy to help!

Health Education Resources
11161 Anderson St, PMB 100023
Loma Linda, CA 92354